Sanctions Haven’t Stopped Notorious Serbian Arms Merchant Slobodan Tešić

Despite repeated rounds of sanctions, the notorious arms dealer Slobodan Tešić remains a dominant player in Serbia’s weapons trade. A leaked chat and other evidence suggests he has taken over a company that once answered to his top competitor. Authors: Stevan Dojčinović (OCCRP/KRIK) and Dragana Pećo (OCCRP/KRIK) Selling weapons to […]

Leaked Documents Provide Fresh Evidence About the Source of Payment to Journalist’s Assassin

Prosecutors in the case of a murdered journalist in Croatia suspected a 780,000-euro payment to one of the assassins was payment for the hit, but never established who sent the money. Leaked records reveal the name of the owner of the company behind the payment, and his business connections to […]

How Bosses from Four Cocaine Cartels Planned a Wild Prison Break

Drug barons from Serbia, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico plotted a would-be escape from a maximum security prison using heavy weapons and a helicopter, a secret Peruvian police report shows. Authors: Stevan Dojčinović (OCCRP/KRIK), Pavla Holcová (OCCRP/, and Eduardo Goulart (OCCRP) Peruvian authorities are taking no chances with Serbian drug lord […]

Member of Serbian President’s Inner Circle Partnered With Alleged Drug Trafficker

As Colombia’s borders closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Serbian Dejan Stanimirović became an unexpected houseguest of Jose Vicente Rivera Mendoza, an alleged drug boss. The visit ended in a night of chaos and bloodshed on March 31, 2020, that killed them both and left lingering suspicions about why Stanimirović […]

Israeli Disinformation Expert Linked to Faked Bank Accounts in Serbian Smear Campaign

A leaked report sheds light on the source of a mysterious media attack on the Serbian president’s political rival. Authors: Khadija Sharife (OCCRP), Milica Vojinović (KRIK), and Gur Meggido (TheMarker) As Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić embarked on an official visit to the United Arab Emirates in March 2021, he was […]

How a Montenegrin Gang Used Open-Source Intelligence to Kill

Hitmen working for a criminal group active in Montenegro and Serbia used open-source intelligence techniques, poring over apartment listing sites, satellite images, and tourist photos posted online, to track down and kill the leader of a rival clan as he hid out in Greece. Author: Stevan Dojčinović Montenegrin crime boss […]


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