KRIK’s Social Media Manager Home Broken Into

KRIK’s Social Media Manager Home Broken Into

Anđela Mitrović

The apartment of KRIK’s social media manager Andjela Mitrovic was broken into last night in Belgrade. This is the third time that members of KRIK team have had their homes broken into – previously it happened to our journalists Dragana Peco and Milica Vojinovic. Police did not solve any of the cases.

Yesterday, shortly after seven o’clock in the evening, KRIK’s community manager Andjela Mitrovic returned from work and as soon as she entered the apartment she heard a noise coming from the bedroom, as if someone was escaping through a window.

She turned on the alarm and called her husband on the phone, who immediately contacted the police.

In the room, she saw one of the drawers ransacked and her jewellery box was lying open on the bed, from which some of the jewellery was stolen.

The front door was not broken, and the perpetrators most likely entered her apartment through the bedroom window. The building where she lives has security cameras at the entrance and near the elevator, but her bedroom is on the other side of the building.

Police arrived after an hour. The investigation is officially ongoing, and police officers told Andjela that another burglary occurred in the area on the same night.

There was nothing in the flat where our team member lives that could compromise the confidentiality of KRIK’s sources or the future work of our organization.

We remind you that before this, we had two more similar cases – in July 2017 the apartment of Dragana Peco, KRIK’s investigative reporter, has been broken into and nothing was stolen, but everything in the apartment was ransacked.

In October 2019, the family house of KRIK’s journalist Milica Vojinovic was broken into while she and her family were abroad. Around 500 euros were taken from the purse in her parents’ room, while another wallet full of money was lying on the bed, which the perpetrators did not take.

Peco and Vojinovic both reported this to the police, as well as to group for journalists’ safety, but to date these cases are still unsolved.

KRIK’s editorial office calls on state institutions to investigate all three cases as soon as possible and find out if the crimes are related to our journalistic business.

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