KRIK’s Journalist Family House Broken Into

KRIK’s Journalist Family House Broken Into

Milica Vojinović (photo : KRIK)

The family house of KRIK’s journalist Milica Vojinovic was broken into while she and her family were abroad. Her cousin found a ransacked home today. The case will be reported to the police and to a group for journalists’ safety.

It is not yet known if anything was stolen, but there was nothing in the house where our journalist lives that could compromise the confidentiality of KRIK’s sources or the future work of our organization.

Things were taken out of drawers and cabinets and her father’s business documentation is scattered around the room.

KRIK’s editorial office calls on state institutions to investigate the case as soon as possible and find out if the crime is related to the journalistic business.

We remind you that two and a half years ago the apartment of Dragana Peco, KRIK’s investigative reporter, has been broken into and nothing was stolen. Although reported to the police, that case is still unsolved.

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