KRIK team

Stevan Dojčinović


Stevan Dojčinović is an investigative reporter based in Belgrade and editor-in-chief of the KRIK. He works for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) as a regional editor. He has specialized in investigating organized crime, corruption, privatization deals, money laundering, private security agencies and the gambling industry. Stevan is the author of the book Šarić − Kako je balkanski kokainski kartel osvojio Evropu about the role of the Balkan mafia in international cocaine smuggling. He also teaches journalists how to collect and analyze business data and property records. He won international 2018 Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism, given by the Central European Initiative (CEI) and the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO). As a leader of KRIK team in 2017 Stevan won Data Journalism Award and journalistic award for ethics and courage „Dusan Bogavac“. As a member of OCCRP investigative team he won European Press Prize and Global Shining Light Award in 2015. He was the runner up for the 2015 Duško Jovanović award for the contribution and development of investigative journalism, and won the 2013 Jug Grizelj award for achievement in investigative journalism, the 2011 Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting and three times the Serbian National Award for investigative reporting, in 2016, 2012 and 2011. From 2012 to 2015 Stevan was the editor in chief of the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS).

Bojana Jovanovic

Deputy editor-in-chief

Bojana Jovanovic is an investigative reporter and deputy editor of the KRIK. As part of the KRIK investigative team she won SIGMA Award in 2021, Data Journalism Award and journalistic award „Dusan Bogavac“ for ethics and courage in 2017. She also received the National awards for investigative journalism - in 2022 and 2021 for series of investigative stories about organized crime in Serbia and its relations to the government. She trains journalists in how to use online resources and online and physical security. Since 2010 Bojana has worked as a contributing investigative reporter for the international non-profit organization Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and prior to KRIK she was an investigator for the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS).

Jelena Vasic

Journalist/Project manager

Jelena Vasic is a project manager at KRIK and investigative reporter who has worked with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). From 2012 to April 2015 she was a member of journalistic team of the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS). She graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. As part of the KRIK investigative team she won Data Journalism Award in 2017. Jelena has won national annual award for investigative journalism in the category of online media for 2013.

Bojana Pavlovic


Bojana Pavlovic works as a reporter at KRIK. She began her career as a journalist in the daily newspaper “Politika”. As an intern she worked in “Transparency Serbia” an NGO dedicated to curbing corruption. She started working as an investigative journalist in the Centre for investigative Reporting in Serbia. As part of the KRIK investigative team Bojana won Data Journalism Award in 2017. Apart from Serbian, she speaks English and Italian.

Vesna Radojevic


Vesna Radojevic is a reporter and editor of KRIK’s project "Raskrikavanje." She began her career as a journalist in the "PG Network" in 2011 and continued at "Istinomer" where she worked until October 2017. She recieved the National Award for Investigative Journalism. As a student, she won the "Borivoje Mirkovic" Award in 2012 for the best student TV contribution.

Milica Vojinovic


Milica Vojinovic is an investigative journalist, as well as a daily reporter at KRIK. She is dedicated to uncovering the truth about organized crime and corruption in Serbia, with a special focus on the links of organized crime in government structures. She has received several international awards for her work – the CEI SEEMO Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism within the category of Best Young Professional Journalist and the EU Investigative Journalism Award in the Western Balkans and Turkey. Together with the KRIK team, she received the global Sigma Award in 2021 for her work on an investigative online Database about Serbian judiciary called "Judge who judges". Milica is committed to using her skills to promote transparency and accountability in Serbia. She obtained her degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and she speaks English and Spanish.

Jelena Radivojevic


Jelena Radivojevic works as a reporter at KRIK. During her internship she was involved in investigative journalism and also in daily reporting about crime and corruption. Jelena reports on some of the country's major organized crime trials. She is a student of journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade. Before entering journalism, she was a human rights activist.

Marija Vucic


Marija Vucic works as a reporter on the project "Raskrikavanje." She started journalism in 2014 in the newspaper "Juzne vesti," after completing her master‘s studies in journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. Since 2016 she has worked as a journalist and then a deputy editor-in-chief of the „Cenzolovka“ portal where she specialized in media and journalism topics. She worked as a fact-checker of the Center for Investigative Reporting of Serbia. Marija was awarded by the Media & Reform center in Niš for best reporting on the gray economy and illegal trade at the national level.

Milica Ljubičić


Milica Ljubicic works as a journalist on KRIK’s debunking portal “RasKRIKavanje”, where she focuses on discovering false news and disinformation published in Serbian media. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences and accomplished a bachelor's degree in journalism and communicology. Her current main interest is investigating media financing and state influence on the creation of media content. Milica was also a member of KRIK’s team which was working on the international journalistic project “FinCEN Files” during 2020.

Sofija Parojčić


Sofija Parojčić works as a reporter and studies journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. She has been with KRIK since October 2022 and works on investigative stories and reports on major criminal and corruption trials. She was part of KRIK’s team that worked on an online database of judges in Serbia „Judge the judges“.

Stefan Kosanović


Stefan Kosanović is a journalist at KRIK, working on the „Raskrikavanje” project. He holds a degree in journalism from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad and is currently pursuing his master's studies in Communication there. Throughout his academic tenure, he has produced media reports, films, and various audio-visual content in collaboration with several media and production companies. He worked as a journalist with the Fake News Tragač portal for three and a half years. Kosanović has actively participated in numerous projects and authored several publications dedicated to enhancing media literacy and promoting journalistic ethics in the Balkans. He is a lecturer at training sessions and workshops on media literacy. He was awarded the „Dragan Janjić Award” for contribution to media literacy improvement in 2023.

Marta Mihajlovic

Office manager

Marta Mihajlovic is a financial reporting administrative assistant at KRIK. She is responsible for conducting administrative affairs, planning activites and organizing events.

Snezana Petijevic

Project manager

Snezana Petijevic is a project assistant at KRIK. She has been working in the civil sector since 2012, mainly in the sphere of project managment,developing and writing project proposals, with a special interest in the area of Financial management, Project management, Globalization and Migration management. She speaks English and Italian.

Miodrag Ćakić

Graphic designer

Miodrag Cakic is a graphic designer, programmer and photographer tasked with providing creative and technical support to activities of portals KRIK and RasKRIKavanje. He has been working in the field of graphic design and various areas of IT for over 20 years and his skillset has been formed through professional engagements in government, private and civil sector. Since 2015, as an activist, humanitarian worker and coordinator, he has been engaged with diverse aspects of the refugee and migration crisis in Serbia and the region. Since the beginning of 2016, he became a member of the KRIK team and is the author of all illustrations for KRIK's investigative stories. Cakic is also the technical creator of all of KRIK's data projects and has won prestigious international awards "Data Journalism Award" and "Sigma Award" for his work on KRIK's "Politicians' Assets Database" and "Judge who Judges" database.