Sanctions Haven’t Stopped Notorious Serbian Arms Merchant Slobodan Tešić

Despite repeated rounds of sanctions, the notorious arms dealer Slobodan Tešić remains a dominant player in Serbia’s weapons trade. A leaked chat and other evidence suggests he has taken over a company that once answered to his top competitor. Authors: Stevan Dojčinović (OCCRP/KRIK) and Dragana Pećo (OCCRP/KRIK) Selling weapons to […]

How Bosses from Four Cocaine Cartels Planned a Wild Prison Break

Drug barons from Serbia, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico plotted a would-be escape from a maximum security prison using heavy weapons and a helicopter, a secret Peruvian police report shows. Authors: Stevan Dojčinović (OCCRP/KRIK), Pavla Holcová (OCCRP/, and Eduardo Goulart (OCCRP) Peruvian authorities are taking no chances with Serbian drug lord […]

Member of Serbian President’s Inner Circle Partnered With Alleged Drug Trafficker

As Colombia’s borders closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Serbian Dejan Stanimirović became an unexpected houseguest of Jose Vicente Rivera Mendoza, an alleged drug boss. The visit ended in a night of chaos and bloodshed on March 31, 2020, that killed them both and left lingering suspicions about why Stanimirović […]

Israeli Disinformation Expert Linked to Faked Bank Accounts in Serbian Smear Campaign

A leaked report sheds light on the source of a mysterious media attack on the Serbian president’s political rival. Authors: Khadija Sharife (OCCRP), Milica Vojinović (KRIK), and Gur Meggido (TheMarker) As Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić embarked on an official visit to the United Arab Emirates in March 2021, he was […]

How a Montenegrin Gang Used Open-Source Intelligence to Kill

Hitmen working for a criminal group active in Montenegro and Serbia used open-source intelligence techniques, poring over apartment listing sites, satellite images, and tourist photos posted online, to track down and kill the leader of a rival clan as he hid out in Greece. Author: Stevan Dojčinović Montenegrin crime boss […]

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