How a Montenegrin Gang Used Open-Source Intelligence to Kill

Hitmen working for a criminal group active in Montenegro and Serbia used open-source intelligence techniques, poring over apartment listing sites, satellite images, and tourist photos posted online, to track down and kill the leader of a rival clan as he hid out in Greece. Author: Stevan Dojčinović Montenegrin crime boss […]

At Serbia’s “Legalization Secretariat,” Developers Paid Cash to Have Their Construction Violations Excused

The longtime head of the Secretariat stepped down in July, but is now under investigation for allegedly abusing his office. He has been accused by developers and builders of demanding large bribes in exchange for deeming buildings “legal.” Authors: Milica Vojinović (KRIK) and Stevan Dojčinović (KRIK/OCCRP) Nemanja Stajić’s former title […]

Dead Body in Paraguay Is Likely Serbian Drug Smuggler

On April 19, 2015, Paraguayan police received an anonymous tip: There was a dead body in a car in an upscale part of Asunción, Paraguay’s capital. When they arrived at the site in the Recoleta neighborhood, they found an armored Mercedes-Benz parked near a crossroads with a dead man inside. […]

Credit Suisse Opened Accounts for Serbian Drug Lord Known as “Misha Banana”

Rodoljub Radulović, accused of being a senior member of an infamous Balkan cartel, controlled at least two accounts at Credit Suisse. One was suspected of being used to launder cash from drug transactions. A second, previously unknown to authorities, was allegedly used to protect his ill-gotten assets. Author: Stevan Dojčinović […]

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Had Secret Offshore Contracts With Men Linked to Serbian State Telecom Company

Amid a Chinese push to gain influence in Serbia, Huawei appears to have paid large sums to a former Serbian state telecom executive through an offshore shell company. Authors: Stevan Dojčinović (OCCRP/KRIK) and Vesna Radojević (KRIK) The Chinese tech giant Huawei signed deals to make large payments to two men […]

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