Suspected Drug Producer Sues KRIK for Calling him ‘Accused Narco Boss’

The alleged owner of a cannabis farm sued portal KRIK for calling him an “accused narco boss,” although the man is currently on trial for growing more than a tonne of the banned weed. Journalist associations said on Wednesday that the lawsuit is aimed to stop KRIK from reporting about […]

Pro-government media is running a campaign accusing KRIK of being aligned with criminals

Several pro-government media in Serbia have yesterday launched another vicious smear campaign against KRIK. Tabloids and television Pink are accusing KRIK of being aligned with Veljko Belivuk, recently arrested leader of a criminal group, currently under investigation for several monstrous murders. He and his hooligan group are well known to […]

Serbian Appellate Court Upholds Drug Lord’s Sentence

Ending a decade-long trial, the Court of Appeal in Belgrade confirmed on Monday the 15-year prison sentence for Serbian drug lord Darko Šarić who headed a gang that smuggled nearly six tonnes of cocaine from South America to Europe. Šarić’s group is believed to have made 22 million euros (US$25.88 million) from the cocaine […]

KRIK’s Social Media Manager Home Broken Into

The apartment of KRIK’s social media manager Andjela Mitrovic was broken into last night in Belgrade. This is the third time that members of KRIK team have had their homes broken into – previously it happened to our journalists Dragana Peco and Milica Vojinovic. Police did not solve any of […]

Serbian Drug Lord Gets Nine Years Jail for Money Laundering

After trials that stretched over a decade, the Belgrade High Court sentenced on Friday 13 Serbian members of a criminal group led by drug lord Darko Šarić, who was sent behind bars for nine years for laundering millions of dirty drug money. Other members of Šarić’s group that operated from […]

KRIK Reporter’s Phone Confiscated After Photographing President’s Son

On Wednesday night, at around ten o’clock, an unknown man took away mobile phone from our journalist Bojana Pavlović, after she had photographed Danilo Vučić, the son of the President of Serbia, watching a football match together with Aleksandar Vidojević – a hooligan close to the Kavač criminal clan. This […]

KRIK Investigation Sparks Uproar Among Serbian Officials

Reacting to an investigation into criminal gangs, Serbian pro-government tabloids on Wednesday unleashed a barrage of coverage echoing statements from political leaders who accused journalists of targeting the president’s son on behalf of the opposition.  The investigation published on Tuesday focused on a deadly war between two Montenegrin crime clans, and revealed […]

COVID-19 Kills Serbia’s Alleged Drug Lord

A controversial businessman known as ‘Serbian Al Capone’ and considered the region’s top narco-boss died in a Belgrade hospital on Sunday after suffering from respiratory complications caused by COVID-19. Dragoslav Kosmajac came into focus in 2014 when the then Serbian Prime Minister and current President Aleksandar Vučić described him as […]

Serbia’s COVID-19 Lockdown Takes an Authoritarian Turn

A musician in jail on flawed evidence. A journalist arrested for reporting on poor conditions in a local medical center. Hundreds of ordinary citizens charged for breaking arbitrarily enforced isolation measures. Written by Milica Vojinović, published on Serbia, already an illiberal state, has responded to the COVID-19 crisis with […]

KRIK Editor Detained on Abu Dhabi airport and Deported Back to Serbia

KRIK editor-in-chief Stevan Dojcinovic was detained last night at an airport in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he was told that he is “blacklisted” and could not enter the country, so he was deported back to Serbia. Airport police told Dojcinovic that UAE immigration […]

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