Book promotion in Ljubljana

Book promotion in Ljubljana

The book Šarić was presented last night at the media festival Neprej in Ljubljana. Author Stevan Dojčinović described how five years of research were compiled into a book and answered questions from the audience.

There is considerable public interest in the Šarić case in Slovenia, since Dragan Tošić from Ljubljana is marked as one of the most important members of a Balkan drug cartel in several police investigations. Tošić and his group were tried in Slovenia for alleged participation in international drug dealing, but Tošić was released after the court rejected evidence from Serbia. However, a retrial was ordered. All of the details of the case are presented in the book Šarić.

Many investigative journalists from different countries attended the media festival. Vlad Lavrov from Ukraine presented his YanukovychLeaks project, a database on Ukraine’s former president built from documents journalists found in his villa that testify to the corruption that the ex-leader was involved in.

Another prominent journalist to take part in the festival was Nick Davis from British newspaper The Guardian who revealed the telephone hacking scandal involving Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, as well as the WikiLeaks stories to Newsweek.

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