Saric Case: from International Investigation to Second Judgement

December 05, 2018

Saric Case: from International Investigation to Second Judgement

The judgement for smuggling nearly six tons of cocaine will be pronounced to Darko Saric and members of his group on Monday. On that occasion, KRIK summarises key moments of the case, details of the investigation and trial, and points to key controversies that have followed the case in the […]

October 19, 2018

Serbian Businessman With Organized Crime Ties to Profit Big in Airport Deal

Stanko Subotic, a businessman twice indicted for cigarette smuggling and known for his links to an alleged drug lord, is set to make millions from the expansion of Belgrade’s airport. By Dragana Pećo and Stevan Dojčinović Serbia’s deal to expand Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport may soon become a windfall for […]

December 29, 2015

Belgrade Court Acquits Stanko Subotic of Cigarette Smuggling Charges in Final Ruling

After months of post-poned trials and seven years of litigation, the Belgrade Court of Appeals acquitted controversial businessman Stanko Subotic of cigarette smuggling charges in a final ruling which cannot be appealed by the prosecution. According to the final verdict published on the court’s website on December 24, the court […]

June 30, 2015

Serbia: Time Limit Nears in Stanko Subotic Trial

The trial of a wealthy Serbian businessman with alleged criminal links was postponed on Tuesday for the third time after one of the defendants failed to appear in court, pleading sudden illness. By Bojana Pavlovic Following seven years of litigation and two lower court verdicts, the Court of Appeals in […]