Book Saric


What did Saric say about the book?

During one of the hearings Šarić spoke about the book being part of a negative media campaign against him, but emphasized that the author wasn’t impassioned when he wrote it. “Have you ever heard that a book about an accused person being published while he was still on trial? The […]

Book promotion in Ljubljana

The book Šarić was presented last night at the media festival Neprej in Ljubljana. Author Stevan Dojčinović described how five years of research were compiled into a book and answered questions from the audience. There is considerable public interest in the Šarić case in Slovenia, since Dragan Tošić from Ljubljana […]

BLIC: Kosmajac was reading book about Saric when he got arrested

Dragoslav Kosmajac and members of his group were arrested this morning by order of the High Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade. The same institution will conduct an investigation against them. Police had taken seven of Dragoslav Kosmajac’s accomplices into custody; four in Sremska Mitrovica, and the other three in Belgrade. They […]