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Serbian Newspaper Attacks KRIK

Source: Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (OCCRP) A Serbian tabloid has alleged that a respected journalism non-profit is attempting to overthrow the Serbian government, citing information that appears to have come from secret services, intelligence or surveillance. A number of journalism organizations have condemned the tabloid Informer for what […]

Serbia’s Tabloid Attack Dog Serves Powerful Masters

Did state intelligence or law enforcement help a Serbian tabloid smear independent investigative reporting organisation KRIK in a dirty-tricks campaign to stop revelations about the country’s government? By Drew Sullivan To the unwitting, the latest ‘investigation’ by the Serbian tabloid Informer is presented as a probe into an alleged conspiracy to […]

Serbian Tabloid Accused of Risking Journalist’s Life

Pro-government tabloid Informer launches fresh attack on the independent media, accusing the investigative portal KRIK of running a dirty campaign against Prime Minister Vucic. Source: BIRN Serbia’s pro-government tabloid Informer on Thursday accused KRIK journalist Stevan Dojcinovic of planning to publish a false article about Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, alleging […]

Belgrade Mayor Stands By Police Chief Who Interfered in Journalists’ Work

Belgrade’s mayor, Siniša Mali, has refused to comply with a request by Serbia’s Ombudsman to fire the chief of the Communal Police for obstructing journalists trying to investigate corruption. Source: GlobalVoices Belgrade’s Communal Police obstructed journalists working for the fact-checking website Istinomer (Truth-O-Meter) in September 2015 and reporters from the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) in October 2015. […]

Skeletons in the Closet – How Did the Health Minister get an Apartment

By Stevan Dojčinović and Pavle Petrović KRIK/OCCRP In the late summer of 2002, Montenegrin criminal Veselin Božović looked like a lucky man. The mobster from Bijelo Polje had been ambushed by Kalashnikov-carrying members of the rival Rakovac gang in Belgrade while he was driving his black jeep in a three-car […]

Serbia: Belgrade Mayor Connected to Another Offshore Company

Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) have uncovered yet another offshore company that is connected to Sinisa Mali, the charismatic mayor of Belgrade KRIK earlier linked to shady business deals. By Dragana Pećo and Stevan Dojčinović The company, Busby Financial Corp., was registered in April 2004 and the owner is […]

Government waives debt of Air Serbia to Belgrade airport

The Serbian government has asked the Belgrade airport to forgive local carrier Air Serbia a debt of more than US$ 22 million, according to the Serbian Crime and Corruption Reporting Netork (KRIK). The debt constitutes all payments owed by the carrier to the airport for a one year period meaning […]

A Mayor Helps a Father

Sinisa Mali, as the mayor of Belgrade, and a man close to Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, prides himself on being a modern, progressive leader. The American-educated Mali casts himself as a corruption-free family man and a shrewd businessman who advised the government on economic issues. But a look into his […]

The Mayor’s Free Land

A company controlled by Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali and his family obtained more than 10 hectares of agricultural land worth anywhere from €123,000 to € 250,000 (US$140,000 to US$290,000) for free from a privatized state company. Written by: Stevan Dojčinović and Dragana Pećo Problem is, the land wasn’t the […]

Belgrade Mayor Apologises for Incident with KRIK Journalists

Siniša Mali, the Mayor of Belgrade, has apologized to journalists who had their equipment confiscated when they were trying to ask him questions about 24 apartments on the Black Sea coast. A statement released by the Mayor Sinisa Mali said that incident happened after a group of unknown people approached him […]