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KRIK and OCCRP were named finalists of the 2016 Tom Renner Award

Crime and Corruption Reporting Network – KRIK and Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project – OCCRP were named finalists of the 2016 Tom Renner Award. The Panama Papers project in which KRIK and OCCRP cooperated won two categories of the 2016 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) Award.  IRE recognized KRIK, assisted by […]

Ex-Wife: Belgrade’s Mayor Organized the Violent Demolition of a Neighborhood

Belgrade’s powerful mayor Sinisa Mali organized last year’s violent demolition of a Belgrade neighborhood because it stood in the way of the ‘Belgrade Waterfront’ construction project, Mali’s ex-wife told The Network for Investigating Crime and Corruption, KRIK. In an interview published on Monday, Marija Mali told KRIK that her ex-husband […]

Belgrade Mayor remains director of offshore firms

A year after KRIK published a story about 24 apartments connected to Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali, Mali remains the director of the offshore companies through which he bought the flats. Actions launched against him by the Anti-Corruption Agency after this discovery are still underway. By Dragana Pećo The Crime and […]

The City of Belgrade allowed for construction on the site of the demolished buildings in Savamala

The City of Belgrade issued permission for the construction of the Belgrade Waterfront parking lot on the site of the demolished buildings on Hercegovačka Street in Savamala, according to documents collected by KRIK. By Bojana Jovanović During the six months while Belgrade Police and the Prosecutor’s Office were unsuccessfully attempting […]

City Officials Behind Savamala Demolition, Says Vucic

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has admitted that top city officials were behind the events of late April, when a group armed with baseball bats tore up multiple buildings in Belgrade using diggers, allegedly mistreating several locals. By: OCCRP As the votes in Serbia’s snap Parliamentary elections were being counted during […]

Interior Minister Denies Police Were Ordered To Stand Down On April 25

By: OCCRP As citizens of Belgrade continue to ask why no authorities reacted to their calls for help in the night of April 25, when about 30 masked men armed with baseball bats tore up multiple buildings in Belgrade using diggers and mistreated several locals, the Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic […]

Information About Demolished Neighborhood Still Lacking

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told N1 Television Sunday he has no information about who is behind the events of Moday last week, when about 30 masked men, armed with baseball bats, tore up multiple buildings in Belgrade using diggers, and mistreated several locals. As the votes in Serbia’s snap […]

Serbia: Local Businessmen Show in Leaked Data

Serbian businessmen are well represented in the records of Mossack Fonseca, a firm based in the offshore tax haven of Panama that helps clients worldwide avoid scrutiny and taxes. Details about their activities are buried in the Panama Papers, a trove of Mossack Fonseca’s internal data of obtained by the […]

Smear Campaign Against KRIK

Almost since its founding, KRIK (Crime and Corruption Reporting Network) has been the target of many attacks by the pro-government tabloid Informer and other media close to the government and criminal circles. Informer has, on several occasions, made false accusations about KRIK’s editor-in-chief Stevan Dojčinović, representing him as partner to […]

Journalists Defend Targets of Serbian Tabloid ‘Lynch’

A network of journalists has called for solidarity with Serbian reporters being attacked by the pro-government media – and has urged people to boycott the tabloid Informer. Source: Balkan Insight About 40 journalists from the informal organization “Journalists Network” have called on colleagues throughout former Yugoslavia to show solidarity with […]