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Marija Mali Talks About Her Ex-Husband’s Businesses, Off-shore; Hidden Properties and Savamala

After she divorced Belgrade’s mayor Marija Mali lost custody of her children. Her complaint of assault and battery against her former husband was rejected and she lost her job. She insists he continues to send threatening messages. In an interview with KRIK which she regards as a way to defend […]

The City of Belgrade allowed for construction on the site of the demolished buildings in Savamala

The City of Belgrade issued permission for the construction of the Belgrade Waterfront parking lot on the site of the demolished buildings on Hercegovačka Street in Savamala, according to documents collected by KRIK. By Bojana Jovanović During the six months while Belgrade Police and the Prosecutor’s Office were unsuccessfully attempting […]

Third Savamala protest draws thousands

Seemingly 15,000 people flooded the streets of Central Belgrade Saturday evening, calling for the resignation of the city’s Mayor and Minister of Police. The protest, the third in six weeks, is in response to the demolition of the Savamala neighbourhood and the refusal of the police to intervene. By: Christopher […]

City Officials Behind Savamala Demolition, Says Vucic

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has admitted that top city officials were behind the events of late April, when a group armed with baseball bats tore up multiple buildings in Belgrade using diggers, allegedly mistreating several locals. By: OCCRP As the votes in Serbia’s snap Parliamentary elections were being counted during […]

Court: Serbian Minister Must Return Illegally Acquired Land

The Appellate Court in Belgrade upheld a verdict ordering former mayor and current Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali to return illegally acquired land back to the government.  By Katarina Sabadoš, OCCRP In 2017, a commercial court ruled that the contract under which Mali acquired the land through the company Compost […]

The Mayor of Belgrade’s Multiplying Bank Accounts

Written by Stevan Dojčinović, Dragana Pećo, Atanas Tchobanov  Most of us may need one or two bank accounts. But Sinisa Mali, the mayor of Belgrade, appears to have had control over 45, according to a report obtained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Serbian investigative journalism […]

Land Illegally acquired by Belgrade Mayor returned to state

A Serbian court ruled that ten hectares of land illegally acquired by Belgrade’s mayor and his father 12 years ago must be returned to the state, KRIK reported Monday. The ruling is not final and may be appealed By:Bojana Pavlović, Nataša Marković The affair came to light two years ago when the […]

Ex-Wife: Belgrade’s Mayor Organized the Violent Demolition of a Neighborhood

Belgrade’s powerful mayor Sinisa Mali organized last year’s violent demolition of a Belgrade neighborhood because it stood in the way of the ‘Belgrade Waterfront’ construction project, Mali’s ex-wife told The Network for Investigating Crime and Corruption, KRIK. In an interview published on Monday, Marija Mali told KRIK that her ex-husband […]

Interior Minister Denies Police Were Ordered To Stand Down On April 25

By: OCCRP As citizens of Belgrade continue to ask why no authorities reacted to their calls for help in the night of April 25, when about 30 masked men armed with baseball bats tore up multiple buildings in Belgrade using diggers and mistreated several locals, the Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic […]

Information About Demolished Neighborhood Still Lacking

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told N1 Television Sunday he has no information about who is behind the events of Moday last week, when about 30 masked men, armed with baseball bats, tore up multiple buildings in Belgrade using diggers, and mistreated several locals. As the votes in Serbia’s snap […]